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yarn postcards

I am VERY excited to announce the first installment of Yarn Postcards, featuring Alex Tinsley (scroll down to learn how to enter to win a set of addi Lace Clicks). Before I introduce Alex, here is a bit more info about the postcard program...

The typical life cycle of a yarn starts at a mill, or even further back, at a farm. Getting a yarn to market means hours of discussion, research, and engineering. It’s a fantastically interesting process that I’ve been lucky to be a part of, but it is just the beginning. When a yarn arrives, promotion begins. Shade cards are assembled and sales representatives hit the road to visit yarn shops across the country. Yarns and shade cards are sent to designers and many months later, a design might emerge. The design process is labor intensive and publication schedules are protracted, especially true for books.

As a designer, I know that yarns have lots of adventures prior to publication. Even the yarns that don’t end up in a finished design can be instructive or interesting in some way. Yarns will travel with us, or keep us company at home. Suddenly I had to know what these yarns were doing out in the world, free from grading restrictions, column limitations, strict washing instructions. What if the yarn could send me a postcard? I’ve asked some of my favorite designers to do just that, sending them a hand-picked assortment of yarns and asking them to document what happens, however large or small.

My very first postcards are from Alex Tinsley, an independent designer who is best known for her wearable hats that are fresh without veering too far into tragically hip territory. Her designs are functional and straightforward, but there is always a smidgen of cleverness to keep knitters entertained.

It is clear that Alex is a fiber lover. Never one to over-complicate, her designs keep the focus on yarn, and her color sense is simultaneously soothing and intriguing. I sent her yarns that I thought she would like, but I was especially curious to see what she'd think of the addi Lace Click set. Since the tips are shorter, you can make small circumference circulars using this set, ideal for hat knitters who like to have a lot of size options. 

Alex is currently working on a mind-blowingly cool project with Cooperative Press (read more about it on Ravelry here). I had tons of fun perusing her post-apocalyptic mood boards and sending her yarns that would fit that creepy-cool theme. 

 Head over to Alex's site Dull Roar to enter her contest for a set of addi Lace Clicks! Since they're so very portable, she's asking where you'd like to take your Clicks on the road. I'm taking mine to Georgia for Stitches South, then to San Franscisco for vacation! More about those trips soon...



*all photos used with permission from alex tinsley*